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B.A., Economics, Yokohama City University, Japan 2001

M.A., Economics, Keio University, Japan 2003

Ph.D., Economics, Keio University, Japan 2007

Current and Previous Positions

2004.4–2006.3  Research Assistant, Faculty of Economics, Keio University

2006.10–2007.9  Researcher, the Mistubishi Economic Research Institute

2008.4–2010.3  Assistant Professor, Faculty of Economics, Kanagawa University

2010.4–2011.3  Full-time Lecturer, Faculty of Economics, Hannan University

2011.4  Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Hannan University

Doctoral Thesis

Three Essays on Game Theoretic Analysis of Firmsf Voluntary Cooperation and Market Outcomes


The Economic Analysis of Advertising —A Microeconomic Approach— (in Japanese). Tokyo: The Mistubishi Economic Research Institute

Selected Articles

A Network Formation Process Converges to the Complete Collaboration Network. Mathematical Social Sciences 2007 53(2), pp. 134-139

A Note on Propositions 7 and 8 of Goyal and Moraga (2001). Economics Bulletin 2007 12 (28), pp. 1-6

A Dynamic Analysis of Collusive Networks. Review of Economic Design. 2011 15(4), 317-336.

Spatial Competition and Collaboration Networks. International Journal of Game Theory 2012 41(3), 455-472 The working paper version

Privatization Neutrality Theorem Revisited. Economics Letters 2013 118(2), 324-326 (joint work with Toshihiro Matsumura)

Strategic Location Choice and Network Formation for Entry. Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 2014 170(2), 201-224. (joint work with Keizo Mizuno)

Comparison between Specific Taxation and Volume Quotas in a Free Entry Cournot Oligopoly. Journal of Economics 2014 113, 125-132. (joint work with Toshihiro Matsumura)

Free Trade Networks on Non-tariff Barriers. Forthcoming in Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade

Priority Matchings Revisited. Forthcoming in Games and Economic Behavior

Unpublished Manuscripts

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